Health and Safety Mission Statement


Our Health and Safety Mission Statement is displayed at the top of our webpage, not hidden away in a tiny box at the bottom!

At MRI we recognise that no aspect of the way in which we operate is more important than the Health and Safety of our employees, other contractors and members of the public who might be affected by our works.

By means of regular briefings and toolbox talks our operatives are constantly made aware of their responsibilities with regards to the way in which safe systems of work are implemented. By encouraging a culture of awareness and open communication about Health and Safety issues we are constantly striving for a zero risk of work related injuries.
Every task is risk assessed with a tailored method statement/risk assessment issued to our team carrying out the works – which always includes an approved, detailed, safe system of work. Nothing can be left to chance in such a safety critical industry.

All operatives are 100% trained to the highest standards to fulfil their roles and hold all required up to date certification. Every member of our team is encouraged to get involved and consulted about Health and Safety matters.

All equipment is fully tested and compliant and is issued with all relevant certification.

Our key operatives have many years’ experience in their fields and are regularly briefed on all aspects of Health and Safety. At MRI, everybody participates in creating a safe working environment and understands their responsibilities, both to themselves and to others. Complacency is not an option.

At the end of the day we all want to get back to our families safely. Let’s make it happen!

For further information about MRI Health and Safety please contact us.