Contract Crane Lifts

Careful planning plus experience equals zero incidents

MRI undertakes Contract Crane Lifts in a wide variety of situations. Whether it’s a relatively simple lift with one of our HIAB lorries (often at short notice) or a complex multiple lift using a crane in the heart of The City – we deliver a safe, bespoke solution.

After a full site survey, our Appointed Person will prepare a full Lifting Plan detailing all the procedures, methodology, and safe systems of work that will ensure a smooth, trouble-free lifting operation.

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When Order Recieved

Once an order is received, the Lifting Plan is issued to the client for approval and if necessary we carry out any preparations required before the date of the cranage; unbolting/dismantling equipment, preparation of Landing Areas, etc. This saves our clients both time and money and ensures that deadlines are adhered to.
As well as preparing Method Statements, Risk Assessments, CAD drawings and Lifting Plans we also cover every aspect of the lift – this often involves road closures with full chapter 8 traffic and pedestrian management systems in place.

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Fully Qualified Operatives

All our operatives are fully experienced and hold all the relevant qualifications and accreditations. Our key personnel has been with us since the beginning – and as a result, are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of crane operations.

Every Contract Lift will be supervised by an Appointed Person with our Lift Supervisor ensuring that our team of experienced Slinger/Signalmen are made aware of every aspect of the lift. Nothing is left to chance!

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Underground Carparks & Services beneath the streets of congested urban areas such as the City of London present their problems when planning and carrying out a crane lift.  Often there is no option other than to site a crane above these voids.  Working with structural engineers, MRI can provide an underpropping service that will allow a crane lift to be carried out when otherwise impossible.

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Crane Mat Hire

MRI can supply and deliver a range of crane mats (both steel and wooden) to reduce ground loadings to an acceptable level during crane operations.

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Our Contract Crane Lifts services include the following:

We can offer a complete service as part of our Contract Crane Lift Package including –

  • A free pre-quotation survey. This will examine the various options available and will take into account any local conditions that may be a factor when it comes to planning the Crane Lift.
  • If the Crane is required to be sited on a public road, then MRI will put in the required applications for any full/partial closures to allow the crane operation to be carried out. These applications will include the suspension where required of any parking bays.
  • All required environmental applications will also be forwarded to the relevant authorities.
  • When public transport may be affected, then MRI will arrange any required bus lane suspensions and bus diversions. Any required traffic light suspensions/relocations will also be arranged.
  • A full traffic/pedestrian management drawing will be issued.
  • An Appointed Person will prepare and issue a full Lifting Plan with detailed CAD drawings. This Lifting Plan will cover all aspects of the cranage works and is a legal requirement, ensuring that all works are properly planned and managed and that a safe system of works is in place.

  • As part of our service, we can plan and organize all deliveries so that the crane operation can be completed as quickly as possible with minimum disruption. To help ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of work, we can take delivery of and store any items that may require lifting – delivering them to the site as and when required.

  • On the day of work, A secure ‘compound’ will be set up consisting of Heras fencing at ground level. All lifting operations will take place within this ‘exclusion zone’ ensuring no members of the public are put at risk.

  • All areas will be fully controlled by traffic and pedestrian marshals.

  • MRI will ensure that the crane supplied to carry out the work is suitable for your project.

  • As part of our Contract Lifting Service, on the day of work we will supply an Appointed Person, Crane Supervisor, and Slinger/Signallers, and, if required, a movement crew.

  • All required Certified Lifting Equipment including spreader beams etc. will be provided.
  • All Crane operations are covered by our insurance.

The benefit to our customers of providing a complete Contract Lift package is that we can ensure that the Crane Lift is properly planned and organized – and that the level of risk is significantly reduced. A Contract Lift package will often reduce costs in real terms.

What people have to say…

Stamford Brook

Can I just say a big thank you for the work carried out at Stamford Brook. The guys were great and did the work without any fuss or problems and left the place in pristine condition and both your work it making it happen was very professional and efficient. Thanks again, we’ll definitely use you again when required.

Stamford Brook

Mark and Mike

Well done and can you give the boys a big hug, the builder was more than impressed.

Mark and Mike
Bancroft Ltd

Equinix LD8 Plant Replacement Crane Lift

Sent to our client about our Plant Replacement Crane Lift and passed onto us:

‘Further to Saturdays’ visit…

The crane lift had been arranged and carried out in a professional manner,

with those on site being helpful and cooperative.


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John S
Gratte Bros

Premier Inn, Hendon

Thank you for a job well done, again, today at Premier Inn Hendon. Professional and efficient as ever.

Premier Inn, Hendon


Just to let you know that the crane works have been completed here in London, 85 Gresham street. All went as planned, there were no incidents or issues. I just like to say well done to Dave B, Dave G, Andy T, and Darren who helped plan and ensure all works where carried out safely. I would also like to say how well MRI preformed. I would recommend them any day. They were professional , always mindful of noise restrictions, and very respectful of the neighbours.

Willmott Dixon Interiors

Whitelands House, Cheltenham Terrace

Sorry this is a bit late but just a note again of thanks for a job well done at Whitelands House. I’m told your guys left the place swept, clean and tidy and everything was taken away.

Whitelands House, Cheltenham Terrace

Northolt Data Centre, Phase 2 Chiller Crane Lift

Many thanks to you and your team for the forward planning and hard work on the day that ensured today’s plant movement operation was completed in a professional and safe manner. Yet another challenging plant movement operation made to look all too easy by MRI..!

Northolt Data Centre, Phase 2 Chiller Crane Lift

Removal of water tanks at Gyron

The works were completed today and the client was happy with how the area was left. I was very impressed by your operatives attitude and professionalism in how they carried out this work, if you could pass on my gratitude for a job well done it would be appreciated. I look forward to using your services in the near future.

Removal of water tanks at Gyron

Lifting of Pit Lids at Gyron

Yes, all pit lids required were lifted and frames cleaned and greased. We’ve taken information from the pits for future work. Many thanks to you and the guys today. Please pass on my thanks and apologies they had to assemble to A frame as needed. Without doubt, you are on the books now and will definitely be in touch should the need arise.

Lifting of Pit Lids at Gyron

Highest Praise Ever!

‘MRI are the type of contractor that only appears on your wish list.

I have known MRI for nearly 30 years mainly over two companies and they have been consistent in their work ethics and standards since the start.

MRI have changed with the times, bringing new ideas, upgrading their equipment and IT software to accommodate the modern plant movement tasks, along with producing RAMS & lift plan drawings to an exceptional standard.

Their RAMS are presented in a way that they are readable, clear to understand the works and I rarely have to request a change and that would only possibly be an address or building change. I am confident that the way they present their RAMS, I only need to pass my eye over the content and that once uploaded for a client’s approval, they never get any rejected as they are precise, accurate with only the information contained that is required to achieve a successful & safe task.

They are the one contractor, that I can trust all the team with the task they are undertaking and over the years, I have known Mark Collier, Managing Director, to be involved / attend all the major lifts or meetings personally and that is a testimony to the dedication to the client, that once they have been successful with winning the order, they insure that the product we have brought, is delivered correctly.

The MRI supervisors always report any issues immediately and usually with a solution or work in conjunction with the engineers, rather than just carry on regardless as they have already won the work and not their issue.

The team always arrive with all the PPE required and they have no issues with wearing our company logo PPE if requested and the supervisors follow the site rules to the letter. They are polite, friendly and have a respectful jolly approach to our client’s wishes. Mark and his supervisors have constantly solved any issues that arrive ‘on the day of works’ and all have an attitude that is ‘to get the job done’ whether it is in their job task or if something such as a grey area arises that no one has foreseen and not in their quotation, they will still help out no matter what.

They are clean & efficient.

In an industry that mainly now days only use sub-contractors, they are the leading role model for how to present themselves to their client, operate in the field and ‘go to’ for problem solving regarding all lifting operations and strip out works.

I wouldn’t say that they are faultless, however they immediately react and correct or go in line with the wishes of the client if it is safe & in everybody’s interest and work to the ethic of ‘one team’

Best regards’

Kevin Hand

Whitelands House, Cheltenham Terrace

Just a note, and I might add a deserved one, of thanks for the work your lads did yesterday at Whitelands House, Chelsea. Efficient and professional are just a couple of words to describe the way the work was done. You can be rightly proud of the way your people represented your company.

Whitelands House, Cheltenham Terrace

Equinix Chiller Replacement

We would like to thank you for the excellent services you have provided to date at our
Equinix LD4 project.
We have been very impressed with your team’s attitude, professionalism & efficiency.
The project plant movement and craneage operations have been planned and performed to the
highest quality.
We look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship between our two companies.

T McNulty, Project manager Barclays Data Centre Equinix