‘MRI are the type of contractor that only appears on your wish list.

I have known MRI for nearly 30 years mainly over two companies and they have been consistent in their work ethics and standards since the start.

MRI have changed with the times, bringing new ideas, upgrading their equipment and IT software to accommodate the modern plant movement tasks, along with producing RAMS & lift plan drawings to an exceptional standard.

Their RAMS are presented in a way that they are readable, clear to understand the works and I rarely have to request a change and that would only possibly be an address or building change. I am confident that the way they present their RAMS, I only need to pass my eye over the content and that once uploaded for a client’s approval, they never get any rejected as they are precise, accurate with only the information contained that is required to achieve a successful & safe task.

They are the one contractor, that I can trust all the team with the task they are undertaking and over the years, I have known Mark Collier, Managing Director, to be involved / attend all the major lifts or meetings personally and that is a testimony to the dedication to the client, that once they have been successful with winning the order, they insure that the product we have brought, is delivered correctly.

The MRI supervisors always report any issues immediately and usually with a solution or work in conjunction with the engineers, rather than just carry on regardless as they have already won the work and not their issue.

The team always arrive with all the PPE required and they have no issues with wearing our company logo PPE if requested and the supervisors follow the site rules to the letter. They are polite, friendly and have a respectful jolly approach to our client’s wishes. Mark and his supervisors have constantly solved any issues that arrive ‘on the day of works’ and all have an attitude that is ‘to get the job done’ whether it is in their job task or if something such as a grey area arises that no one has foreseen and not in their quotation, they will still help out no matter what.

They are clean & efficient.

In an industry that mainly now days only use sub-contractors, they are the leading role model for how to present themselves to their client, operate in the field and ‘go to’ for problem solving regarding all lifting operations and strip out works.

I wouldn’t say that they are faultless, however they immediately react and correct or go in line with the wishes of the client if it is safe & in everybody’s interest and work to the ethic of ‘one team’

Best regards’